Formerly The Dutch Barn Preservation Society (DBPS), incorporating The Society for the Preservation of Hudson Valley Vernacular Architecture (HVVA)

Dutch Barns Preservation Society Miscellany (1988-1994)

DBPS Miscellany is partly handwritten, and so is not readable by search engines. However, each issue contains a handwritten index which has been transcribed here. Click the "Show Contents" to view each index.

Volume 6 also contains the entire series of Barn Trip Reports compiled by the Barn Enthusiasts Group, a sub-group of DBPS which existed from 1988 to 1994. The reports have been re-scanned separately into a searchable PDF

  • Volume 6 - Fall 1994
    Letter from the Editor Thomas Lanni i-iv
    [Letter to NY Time re: Barn Preservation] Peter Sinclair v
    Index to Barn Trip Reports (Partial) Peter Sinclair vi
    Plattekill and Gardiner 1-3
    Grosman Dutch Barn (Pl-1)
    Dressel Dutch Barn (Np-7)
    Jansen Dutch Barn (Sh-2)
    Decker Dutch Barn (Sh-1)
    Saugerties 4
    Rothe Dutch Barn (Sa-4)
    Snyder Dutch Barn (Sa-5)
    Skolnick Dutch Barn (Sa-1)
    DeWitt Dutch Barn (Ro-5) 5-7
    Field Peas
    Snyder Dutch Barn (Sa-5)
    The Larger Wemp Barn and Barrack
    George Van Sycle and the Cromwell English Barn (Ma-11)
    Long Island, 5 Barns in Nassau County with Peter Haarmann 8-10
    Township of Hardenberg with Flo Prehn 11-13
    First Informal Meeting in Hurley, August 20, 1993 14-15
    Neukirk Dutch Barn (Hu-2)
    Montgomery County NY 16-18
    Hardenberg Dutch Barn (Ga-1)
    Second Meeting in Marbletown, September 25, 1993 19-24
    Bleeker Dutch Barn (Ma-5)
    Brody Dutch Barn (Ol-2)
    Ratner Dutch Barn (Ma-10)
    Hammond (Ol-3) English Barn
    Third Meeting in the Walkill Valley, October 17, 1993 25-39
    Hardenberg Dutch Barn (Ga-1)
    Decker Dutch Barn (Sh-1)
    Jansen Dutch Barn (Sh-2)
    Senken (Ro-6) English Barn
    MAALHFAM Conference and Agricultural Museum in New Jersey
    Letter from Clarke Blair, Montgomery County
    Ev Rau on David Graulich’s New Dutch Barn in Carlisle
    [Fourth] Meeting and Barn Tour, November 21, 1993 40-48
    Wolven Skolnick Dutch Barn (Sa-1)
    Lawrence Shultis Dutch Barn (Wo-2)
    Henry Snyder Dutch Barn (Sa-10)
    Wrolsen Dutch Barn (Sa 11)
    Fifth Meeting and Barn Tour, December 12, 1993 50-54
    Elting/Kelley Dutch Barn (Lo-1)
    Grossman Dutch Barn (Pl-1)
    Joy/McKay Dutch Barn (Pl-2)
    Sixth Meeting and Barn Tour, January 30,1994 55-57
    Hardenburg/McBride Dutch Barn (Ma-4)
    Palen/Ostbye Dutch Barn (Hu-4)
    Rydant Dutch Barn (Ma-12)
    Seventh Meeting and Barn Tour, February 27, 1994 58-59
    Hinkley Dutch Basement Barn (Rh-1)
    Lobotsky Dutch Basement Barn (Rh-2)
    Cole Palen Dutch Basement Barn (Rh-3)
    Eighth Meeting and Barn Tour, March 20, 1994 60-62
    Gazlay Single Aisle Dutch Barn (Ro-6)
    Cirlin Dutch Basement Barn (Ro-7)
    March 29, 1994 Maggie MacDowell and Peter Sinclair 62
    Bruyn/Crowell Barn Complex (Sh-3)
    Kobelt Dutch Barn (Sh-4)
    B&L Stables Dutch Barn (Sh-5)
    Ninth Meeting and Barn Tour, April 17, 1994 63-64
    Reightmyers/Richter Two-bay Dutch Barn (Sa-7)
    Brink/Muller Lowered Side-aisle Dutch Barn (Sa-9)
    Cornelius Persen House and Store Peter Sinclair 65-66
    Tenth Meeting and Barn Tour 67-70
    Hendricks/Chiaramonte Dutch Basement Barn (HP-1
    Adriance Dutch Barn (Cl-1)
    Pell/Reitano Dutch Barn (Rh-4)
    Dutch Barn Raising Makes History at the Fair Peg Shiro, Albany Times Union 71-72
    Few Gaps in the Fredericks Dutch Barn Greg Huber 73-81
    Dutch Barn Scibes Robert Anderson 82
  • Volume 5 - Spring 1993
    Dutch Farm Objects, Resources, and Collections Rod Blackburn 2-42
    Schenk Barn Architectural Analysis and Restoration Documentary John Stevens 43-50
    Field Notes from the Joy Farm Preservation Society Peter Sinclair 51-64
    Photos and Notes from Rensselaer and Columbia County Barn Tours Ned Pratt 65-77
    Variability in Bay Widths Greg Huber 78-85
    Selected Albany County Barn Measurements Chris Albright 86-88
  • Volume 4 - Number 1 - 1992
    The Normans Kill - Analysis of an Area V. J. Schaefer 1
    The Normans Kill - the Stream V. J. Schaefer 2
    Persons Related to the Normans Kill V. J. Schaefer 3-4
    The Geology [of the Normans Kill] V. J. Schaefer 5
    The Sautier Map, 1779 V. J. Schaefer 6
    Pioneer Families “of the Normanskil” V. J. Schaefer 7-8
    The Van Petten Patent and Family V. J. Schaefer 9
    The Bratts Family V. J. Schaefer 10-13
    The Schermerhorn Family of Schenectady V. J. Schaefer 14
    The Genealogy of the Wemp (Wemple) Family V. J. Schaefer 15
    The Wemple-Dellemont Homestead V. J. Schaefer 16
    The Dellemont Genealogy V. J. Schaefer 17
    The Van Petten Patent V. J. Schaefer 18-19
    The Wemple-Dellemont-Lazzeri Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 20-21
    The Dutch Barns of the Normanskil V. J. Schaefer 22
    The Burials in the Wemple-Dellemont Cemetary V. J. Schaefer 23
    The Blleeker Map of 1767 V. J. Schaefer 24-25
    The Jay Gould Map of 1854 V. J. Schaefer 26-27
    The Beers Map of 1866: Rotterdam, Guilderland V. J. Schaefer 28-30
    The Church Patent V. J. Schaefer 31-34
    Elizabethfield V. J. Schaefer 35
    The Mills of Normans Kill V. J. Schaefer 36
    The Brinkman Map and Analysis V. J. Schaefer 37-39
    The Boundary of the Normanskil V. J. Schaefer 40
    'The Normanskil’ V. J. Schaefer 41
    Dutch Barn Preservation Society Pamphlet 42-44
  • Volume 3 - Number 2 - 1990
    History of the Larger Wemp Barn 35-37
    Wemp Genealogy 38
    Location of Wemp Barn Site near Fort Hunter 39
    Indian Deed to Jan Wemp Purchase 40-41
    Plot of Jan Wemp Land on Tribes Hill Topographic Map 42
    [Features of the Larger Wemp Barn] 43-52
    Early Stages in the Restoration of the Wemp Barn, Oriskatach 53
    Oriskatach - the Van Zandt House - 1755 54
    [Reconstruction of the Wemp Barn at Oriskatach 55-61
    Colonial Era Dutch Barn Moved. Gazette article 62
    An 18th Century Dutch Barn Gets New Home Albany Times Union 63
    This Rescue Celebration Should Be a Barn Burner Albany Times Union 64
    [Text of labels in Wemp Barn for Dedication] 65-70
    Invitation to Wemp Barn Dedication 71
    Program at the Wemp Barn Dedication, October 13, 1990 72
    275 Years Old and Still Standing Strong Altamont Enterprise 73-74
    Facsimile of Certificate - Preservation Award - given to Carl Touhey 75
    Location of Oriskatach 76-79
  • Volume 3 - Number 1 - 1990
    New World Dutch Barns: Small Wooden Latches V. J. Schaefer 1
    New World Dutch Barns: Ladders V. J. Schaefer 2
    New World Dutch Barns: Hay Retaining Supports: Martin Holes V. J. Schaefer 3
    Unique Features of New World Dutch Barns: Conclusions V. J. Schaefer 4
    Dutch Barns to Be Restored (Altamont Enterprise News) Chris Sanford 5
    The Disappearance of the Bratt-Mebie Barn of the Third Flat V. J. Schaefer 6
    The Bratt Genealogy Related to the Bratt-Mebie Barn of the Third Flat V. J. Schaefer 7
    Dimentions of the Bratt-Mebie Barn of Rotterdam M. Hesler, V. J. Schaefer 8-9
    Historical Items Related to the Bratt-Mebie Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 10
    The Human Relationships Related to the Bratt-Mebie Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 11
    The Dutch Hay Barrack - Added Notes Roderic H. Blackburn, Shirley Dunn 12-34
  • Volume 2 - Number 2 - 1989
    The Unique Features of New World Dutch Barns: Introduction V. J. Schaefer 31-33
    The Roof Angle V. J. Schaefer 34
    The Foundation V. J. Schaefer 35
    The Floor V. J. Schaefer 36
    The Anchor Beam Posts V. J. Schaefer 37
    The Anchor Beams V. J. Schaefer 38
    The Anchor Beam Tenons V. J. Schaefer 39
    The Anchor Beam Braces V. J. Schaefer 40
    The Purlin Plates V. J. Schaefer 41
    The Purlin Plate Sway Braces V. J. Schaefer 42
    The Roof Rafters V. J. Schaefer 43
    The Roof V. J. Schaefer 44
    The Threshing Floor V. J. Schaefer 45
    The Animal Aisles V. J. Schaefer 46
    The Outer Walls V. J. Schaefer 47
    The Central Doors V. J. Schaefer 48
    The Animal Aisles Doors V. J. Schaefer 49
    The Wrought Iron Hinges of Early Dutch Barns V. J. Schaefer 50
    The Granary; The Pentice V. J. Schaefer 51
    The Roof Gutter; The Weathervane V. J. Schaefer 52
    Pitch Pine (from Greg Huber) 53-54
    The Hay Barracks of Holland (from Jaap Shipper) 55
    Letter from Peter Sinclair Peter Sinclair 56
    Vernooy Napanoch Dutch Barn Peter Sinclair 57-58
    New Developments Relative to the Joy Dutch Barn, Ulster County NY 59
    Remnants of Bradt Dutch Barn of Martin Road, Montgomery County NY Clarke Blair 60
  • Volume 2 - Number 1 - 1989
    The Van Bergen Dutch Barn of 1680 near Leads NY V. J. Schaefer 1-2
    The Vedder Connection to the Bergen Homestead 3
    The Vedder Genealogy Related to the Van Bergen Dutch Barn 4
    Geographic Location of the Van Bergen Barn 5
    Roof Line from Double Purlin Plates - Van Bergen Dutch Barn 6
    The Last Throes of the Van Bergen Dutch Barn at Old Katskill B. Peter… 7
    Reconstructed Roof Profiles of Van Bergen Barn V. J. Schaefer 8
    Personal Experience with Using a Hay Barrack Elsie and Sam Van Ord 9-10
    A Modern Barrack in the Town of Woodstock NY Peter Sinclair 11-12
    Hay Barracks in the Netherlands and a Hay Barrack Screw S. Staffa 13
    A Very Important Suggestion about the Slope of Dutch Barns J. Schipper 14
    Hay Barracks and a Hay Barrack Screw - A Discovery 15
    Barn Tour - S, Side Mohawk River, April 22, 1989 Clarke Blair 16
    Field Trip in Montgomery County, S. Side Mohawk River Clarke Blair 17
    The Blauvelt Barn of New City NJ Clair Tholl, V. J. Schaefer 18
    Chronological Criteria for Dutch Barn Features V. J. Schaefer 19
    Falls - 300 Feet High - Sauthier Map of 1779 V. J. Schaefer 20-21
    Tekaharawa (Judd’s) Falls Canajoharie Creek V. J. Schaefer 22
    Barn Again! Shows the Way - Mary Humstone & John Walter V. J. Schaefer 23
    Supplementary Information about Western Iowa Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 24
    The de Clerque Dutch Barn - Info from Clair Tholl 25
    The Windfall Dutch Barn - Gathering of Quilts 1989 26
    Genealogy of the Wemp Family of the Fort Hunter Areal V. J. Schaefer 27
    Genealogy of the Schoharie Crossing Mebies 28
    Historical Relationships of Mebie & Wemps of Fort Hunter Region 29
    The Current Status of the Larger Wemp Dutch Barn - 1989 30
  • Volume 1 - Number 3 - 1988
    The Future Existence of Dutch Barns in the Northeast V. J. Schaefer 61-62
    The Dutch Settlers in Central New Jersey R. William Pauley 64
    Dutch Barn Research Possibilities Eugene Bollay 65
    Historic Accounts of Barns, 1770-1748 66
    Timber Framing of Barns in Switzerland (from "Ballenberg") M. G. Scwend, et. al. 67-68
    Tour of 4 Ulster County Barns 9-23-88 Peter Sinclair 69-72
    Historical Items about Hay Barracks Kalm, Noble 73
    Comments and Questions about the Dutch Hay Barrack V. J. Schaefer 74-75
    Barrack Bouwerij: the Answer to a Puzzle V. J. Schaefer 76-79
    Observation of Probable Hay Barrack Posts Mark Hessler 80-82
    A Map of Historic Places in Schonowe V. J. Schaefer 83-87
    The Anchor Beam Brace and the Age of Barns V. J. Schaefer 88
    Another Wortendyke Dutch Barn Now Gone Howard I. Durie 89-90
  • Volume 1 - Number 2 - 1988
    What is a Dutch Barn - an Opinion V. J. Schaefer 31-39
    Unique Features of Dutch Barns V. J. Schaefer 40
    Map of Dutch Barn Sites V. J. Schaefer 41
    The Use of Pitch Pine in Early Dutch Structures V. J. Schaefer 42
    Location of Dutch Barns in New Jersey Clair Tholl 43
    The Wortondyke Dutch Barn, Bergen County NJ 44
    A Field Trip to Northern New Jersey 5/17/88 Mark Hessler 45-47
    Basic Dimensions of 4 Early Dutch Barns Mark Hessler, V. J. Schaefer 48
    Comparison of Roof Support Framing, Holland/America V. J. Schaefer 49
    Bronck House and Barn Complex, Green County Historical Society 50
    Bronck House in 1880s 51
    Bratt Genealogy related to Bratt/Mebie Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 52
    Measurement of Ancient Pitch Pine in Old Maid's Woods V. J. Schaefer 53
    The Crounse/Czapski Dutch Barn - Comments V. J. Schaefer 54
    The Persons/Cushing Dutch Barn - Comments V. J. Schaefer 55
    Historical Items Relating to the Bratt/Mebie Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 56
    The Human Relationship to the Brett/Mebie Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 57
    The Dutch Barns of Schenectedy County, 1 to 14 V. J. Schaefer 58-60
  • Volume 1 - Number 1 - June 1988
    The Schonowe Area and the Teller-Schermerhorn Barn V. J. Schaefer 2
    The Teller-Schermerhorn Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 3-5
    The Teller-Schermerhorn House 6-7
    The Formost and Hindermost Farms of the Great Flats 8
    The Dutch Pioneers of Schenectady and the Great Flats 9
    Development Pattern of Farms on the Great Flats 10
    Drainage Pattern of the Great Flats 11
    Hindmost Farm No. 5 Great Flats V. J. Schaefer 12-13
    Teller-Schermerhorn Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 14-16
    Photos of the Teller-Schermerhorn Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 17-19
    Scale Model Photos of the Teller-Schermerhorn Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 20
    Dutch Barn Checklist [of features] 21
    Sleepy Hollow Restorations, Tarrytown, NY 22
    The Jordans Mayflower Barn Beaconsfield, England 23
    The Pitch Pine 24
    Teller Genealogy Related to Teller-Schermerhorn Barn V. J. Schaefer 25
    Occupants of Foremost and Hindmost Farms No. 5 26
    Schermerhorn Genealogy Related to Teller-Schermerhorn Barn 27
    Genealogy of Jannetje (Jane) Delamont 28
    An Analysis of the Roofline Evolution of the New World Dutch Barn V. J. Schaefer 29-30